From Our Customers

     "It is a true pleasure to write a testimonial about a company like Woodsong’s Lutherie. For many years now I’ve been bringing a variety of 50’s Gibson and early 50’s Fender electric guitars to them for work ranging from easy setups to complete restoration projects. Each and every time I find that I not only appreciate the skill and quality of the work-which is exceptional, but that I marvel at the way the instrument feels and plays upon its return. Although fixing or rehabilitating an instrument with the prodigious ability such as theirs takes an uncommon amount of talent, I find that they are equally skilled in setting the instrument up to maximize its potential based on the parameters I give them which is almost a black art that should never be discounted."

~Jeff, Boulder, Cololorado


"I recently had my 48-year old Martin guitar in for major work (neck reset, new frets and general reconditioning) at Woodsong’s Lutherie. The work performed and the attention to detail met, and exceeded, all my expectations. It is a real treat to be able to entrust a valued instrument to people who care about it as much as you do. I would highly recommend Woodsong’s Lutherie to anyone considering the services they provide." 

~Ron Lenz, Boulder, Colorado


"Quality and reliability are the two words that come to mind when I think of Woodsong's Lutherie and I've been a customer for almost 15 years.  With a wonderfully cool staff that has worked on my banjo, dobro, acoustic and electric guitars, they continue to provide exceptional service.  Thanks, guys!" 

~Adam Ajaila, Yonder Mountain String Band


"I have been a customer of Woodsong’s Lutherie since the mid 90’s.  I am a performing musician, a recording studio owner and a vintage guitar enthusiast.  Jon, Matt and Michael have done significant restoration work, neck resets, re-frets, pickup installations and routine set-ups on dozens of my instruments over the years.

I own pre-war Martins, vintage Gibson’s and some more recent Martin’s and Gibson’s as well. I consider myself a high maintenance customer in that I expect perfection. I have been completely satisfied every single time without exception.  I have experienced sub-par repair work in the past (from other luthiers) and shoddy work can ruin an instrument to the point of no return.

           Every instrument I purchase gets checked out by these guys before I commit to owning it as they are a wealth of information and are always willing to share it.

           There are very few luthiers that I would trust to touch one of my guitars. The fact that we have one of the finest shops in the country right here in Boulder is a gift to the stringed musician. These guys put the same amount of care in to my daughter's $100 starter guitar as they do my 1941 Gibson J-35.

You would be hard pressed to find people in any industry who care more about their customers and craft than the folks at Woodsong’s Lutherie."

 ~Todd Adelman, Boulder, Colorado


"I have been taking my instruments to Jon and the gang at Woodsong’s Lutherie for over 20 years.  They have always done exceptional work, and their love and knowledge of the craft is infectious! I am always confident they will make it right for me." 

 ~Keith Mosely, String Cheese Incident


"Big Jon at Woodsong’s Lutherie has taken care of my guitar for almost twenty years. He has sweat over it, cursed at it, nurtured it, even saved its life once. Through it all I could always count on my guitar being ready for tour and sounding its best." 

~Billy Nershi, String Cheese Incident


"I have been taking my instruments to Woodsong’s Lutherie for many years. Their work is always top notch, and the turn around time is prompt. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of any kind of work on any kind of instrument. Why trust your prize axe to anyone else?"

~Drew Emmitt, Leftover Salmon


Not only is Jon one of the nicest guys I know, he's a deeply dedicated and expert luthier, whom I fully trust with any stringed instrument. For at least 15 years, he's done all the work on my Granada and other banjos, Santa Cruz guitar, as well as a mandolin and dobro. He does beautiful work for my banjo camp (amateur) students every January, and always gets great reviews.

Some specifics that impress me about Jon:

He's always trying to learn.

He makes sure to take whatever time is needed.

 He's honest and straightforward.

 He's always friendly and helpful even under duress.

He could beat me up if he wanted, but doesn't seem to want to.

I feel lucky to have Jon in my life!

~ Pete Wernick, Hot Rize, Long Road Home