Accidents happen.

Sometimes they involve backing a car over a guitar case. Unfortunately, this was the case for a '60s Gibson SG. Needless to say, our customer was very distraught. Upon bringing the guitar into our shop, he was assured that the results of the repair would be solid and that any visible scarring from the event would be minimal.

The repair process began by removing the electronics and carefully separating the broken portion of the body. Any broken wood fibers had to be glued down or meticulously sliced away to allow the separated piece to join back up with the body. Broken fragments of the body were then able to be glued back into place. New pieces of mahogany were crafted to fill in gaps where wood was completely missing or destroyed. The new mahogany was then stained and a light overspray of the area was performed to blend the repaired portion with the rest of the guitar.

Our customer was ecstatic about the work we had done and we couldn't be happier with the result ourselves. :)